In the following, we discuss some of what today's scientists believe Islam explained many years ago:

The Origin of life:

The Quraan mentions that all life was created from water

The Quraan explains that earth is like an egg

Islam asks a Muslim to wash (abolute) 5 times a day. Today scientists say that natural water is a superior skin cream.

Islam asks a Muslim to clean/brush teeth regularly.

The Quraan mentions that among God's blessings to mankind is iron. And mentions that iron was brought down to earth. Today scientists believe iron is brought to earth by meteor.

The Quraan explains the phases of an embryo growth. Many of today's scientists agree to the Quraanic phases and consider it identical to their findings.

 The Quraan mentions that animals and insects have their own languages and even mentions stories that ants are talking to each other and in another verse a hoopoe is talking to prophet Solomon. Facts proven today that animals and insects have their own languages or ways to communicate.

The Quraan says that mountains are moving although we see them still. Proven today by the fact that earth is spinning as well  as the fact that the surface of the earth is very slowly shifting.

The Quraan mentions a miracle of river waters no mixing with sea salty waters.

The Quraan mentions in some verses that a year of our count could be different from God's count. Once it mentions that a year in God's count seems like a thousand years in our count. Complying with what modern day scientists like Einstein explained in their theories.


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