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 Islam is facing a major challenge. Those who assumed they represent Islam, and represent more than a Billion Muslims have done major mistakes.

This Web Site is aimed toward a better introduction and understanding for Islam especially for Non-Muslims.

Its a contribution by some ordinary Muslims who are not Islamic scholars nor authorized to speak for more than a billion Muslims..


 If you are exploring Islam & learning about it for the first time, please go through the "Islamic facts" & " Pillars of Islam" sections first.

  • Jump Start Notes:
    • Islam was first introduced by its Messenger Muhammad who was born in the city of Makka (now in Saudia Arabia) on the year 570 AD.
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    • Muslims believe  in all prophets starting with Adam and including among others Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus.
    • Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad is the last prophet. And Islam is God's final & complete message to all human race.

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