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Islam's harmony with nature and life


  • A Muslim is asked to be careful with every form of life :
    • A man is rewarded in heaven because of a dog who was so thirsty so the man held his shoe in his mouth and went down a well to bring the dog water in his shoe.
    • A woman is punished in hell for her cat. She locked her. She didn't feed her or at least let her seek food in the open.
    • A Muslim is not allowed to burn trees as a form of destruction. Not even in war.
    • A Muslim is asked to ponder upon and care for all animals. Is not allowed to hunt for pleasure unless he will eat what he hunts.
    • Special care is given to wonderful  creatures as bees, ants and spiders.
  • The Quraan gives several examples of God's creation in the beauty of nature:
    • The Sun & the Moon
    • The bees and their benefits
    • The succession of night & day.
    • The rain and how it would turn a dry land into green blossomed gardens.
    • The palms, olives, fig ..and other fruits and plants.
    • Ants, spiders ..etc
    • The sky, the stratosphere ..etc
    • Planets and the stars.
    • Mountains.
    • The seas and the oceans.
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