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Why Islam ?


Why Islam ?

The most real and thus important fact in each living being is that every one eventually will die.

There is nothing you are sure to happen to you during the rest of your lifetime except that you will die.

You're not sure whether you will be here next year or even next week. You are not sure if you will survive tomorrow morning or even the next hour.

Not a human being or any creature have succeeded  to avoid death. Whether he was a scientist or a powerful king or a war leader.

So as long as this is the strongest fact in our life. We must take it seriously. If we are going to die anyway. So what's next?

If there is nothing after, then lets make the most of every moment in our life. Got to be pragmatic about enjoying every second of our life. And that's a very serious and dangerous decision. Everybody will do his best to enjoy his limited time. Sometimes regardless of others. Regardless of laws or rules if they can avoid them.

Everybody would want to have all what he needs to enjoy life. Money, power, time, health, leisure  ..etc.

We will all go for these as aims. Pragmatic as we could be, earth will turn to hell.

We would all turn to ruthless, selfish beasts.

Religions drive us to a different path. There is another life after death. There is judgment. There is heaven & hell..

Now we need to go through every religion to conclude whether its true or false. Whether we should dedicate our lives to it as it demands or not.

The choices are wide. Starting from a no-decision direction to a specific sect of specific religion.

To have a balance for this life, there must be a Day of Judgment. On that day the good people will be rewarded and the evil people will be punished. If one does not believe in such balancing day, this person would be expected to take advantage of his lifetime. If this is our only life, we should all enjoy it as much as we can.

God is the balance. To enjoy a balanced life where our hearts and minds coexist along with our realities. To feel that whoever hurts us won't get away as there is a final day. To feel that happiness is not just money nor power. That dieing for a good cause is not a complete loss as you could be redeemed and rewarded on the final day.

The creator whom we are looking for would not be dumb. Would not be a statue. Would not be helpless. Would not be human.

The Creator would be able, powerful, supreme, merciful, just, invincible  and  immortal.

As we go through the list, we end up with three major religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

And we realize that the three religions have strong relations. They adhere to  similar roots and history. Which could be summarized in God, the higher power and creator of all. Created heaven and hell, angels and devils, Adam and Eve. As Adam and Eve, the first man and woman committed the first sin by disobeying God and seeking immortality by listening to Satan.

All human race is running their test in life to be judged in the hereafter.

All three religions believe in Prophets and Messengers of God to people. Abraham, Noah, Isaac, Jacob, Moses ..etc  but differences arise starting from Jesus Christ. Differences are simplified in the following table which shows how every religion views Jesus Christ:




Faked prophet born from a unlawful relationship between his mother Mary and Joseph the carpenter. Many different sects: Mainly 3 major beliefs:

 1. Son of God

2. God himself

3. Just a Prophet (minority)

One of God's chosen prophets like Noah, Abraham, Moses ..etc Born as a miracle from God, by a mother only,  just as Adam was created with no parents and Eve was created from Adam's rib only. He was not crucified but rather saved by God to return on the final day as a savior.



 Judaism does not recognize Jesus Christ or the Bible nor Muhammad and the Quraan. Christianity recognizes with restrictions the Old Testament  but again does not recognize Muhammad or the Quraan. Islam recognizes all prior celestial prophets and their books with restrictions to the content of these books which according to Islamic belief have been partially altered.

Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad is the last prophet according to the Quraan. Thus completing the series of prophets sent to different nations since Adam.

According to Islam, Prophet Muhammad family tree goes back to Ibraham. As Muslims believe Muhammad's tribe Quraysh relates back to Ibrahim's (Abraham) son Ismael (Ishmael).


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